Face and Skin Treatments

Rapunzel’s Salon and Spa is an award-winning salon and day spa that offers a variety of face and skin treatments to keep our clients looking and feeling their best. Satisfied clients are the most important sign of success to us, check out our reviews to see that you are in great hands when you work with our team of professionals in our day spa.

Finding a good day spa is kind of like finding a good partner: Most of us have to shop around a little before we settle on “the one.” And, much like bad relationships, a bad day spa can leave us with scars, burns, and a deflated sense of self-esteem. Personal recommendation is easily the most desired way to book facials or skin treatments; you want to make sure you’re in trusted, capable hands.


Forget the expensive eye creams and pricey makeup palettes. If you want truly radiant skin, you need to book one of the best facials in the Philadelphia area. The facials at Rapunzel’s  have become the standard for maintaining a healthy complexion—and for good reason. Our experienced estheticians will complete a skin analysis to determine your specific needs ensuring you leave our spa with healthy, amazing skin.


Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive and non-wounding exfoliation process that mechanically removes the dull, dead skin cells from the surface.The microdermabrasion treatment entails no discomfort, downtime or recovery. Patients typically experience very little redness for about 15 minutes to 1/2 hour after the treatment.

Upper Body Scrub Treatment

This a great upper body exfoliating treatment that takes away dull, damaged skin.  Your skin is left feeling smooth, soft and luminous.   We target the neck, decollete, arms, hands and back.

Anti Aging Treatments