Hair Cut & Styling

Our professional hair salon staff includes award-winning and master stylists who will transform your hair using the latest hair cut & styling techniques, making you look not only stylish but giving you a hairstyle that is easy to maintain on a daily basis. Our stylists will teach you how to style your hair and what hair products to use at home in order to obtain the same style we give you here at the salon.

Rapunzel’s hairstylists are well known for constantly learning and applying the latest techniques to ensure complete quality customer satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure our clients look beautiful not only when they leave our salon but also during their daily lives. We teach all of our clients how to apply the same techniques we use here in the salon when styling or caring for their hair at home.

Hair Cuts

Our hair is a form of expression and style, and as a piece of art, our hair is a canvas. Knowing where to get the best hair cut in the Philadelphia area can change everything. From gorgeous short hairstyles and sexy layers for longer locks to the latest hot celebrity hairstyles, the stylists at Rapunzel’s know how to bring out the best in your canvas.

Bridal Hair

Your wedding day will transform the rest of your life, a bridal hair expert is an important part of preparing you for your big moment. Our professional hairstylists will make sure to create your dream hairstyle. We only use best hair styling tools and hair care products available. Our bridal stylists are available for both onsite and offsite services for your big day.

Formal Hair Styling

No matter the event the hair stylists at Rapunzel’s are the area’s experts in making a statement through hair. Our stylists keep up to date with the latest styles and trends for any season. You don’t have to be a bride to look like a princess! We work to create a timeless look dripping with elegance for your special event that will leave a lasting impression.

Did You Know

  • Formal hairstyles hold better with “dirty” hair (hair that hasn’t been washed in 1-2 days)

  • Rapunzel’s offers trial hair sessions that allow you to find the perfect hair style before the big event.

  • Our stylists can create a custom look based around a dress, a picture found online, or a simple accessory you’re planning on wearing.

Keratin Hair Treatments

Keratin Treatment is a smoothing method that infuses Keratin deep into your hair cuticle, softening and smoothing the hair, coating to both repair and prevent future damage. It eliminates 100% of frizz and relaxes curls to leave you with the shiny, silky hair you’ve always dreamed of. Although the treatment does not last forever, results typically last up to three months depending on your hair type.