Double Process Color

Go crazy and change your whole look with Double Process coloring at Rapunzel’s. Our stylists can help you transform your complete look or just enhance your natural beauty, all in just a few hours.

What’s The Difference Between Double Process and Single Process Hair Coloring?

A single process treatment is all over, one dimensional color that can be used to darken or lighten hair. Plus it’s gentle on both your hair and your wallet and is a great solution for covering up greys. Double process on the other hand is a little more complicated. It’s used when lightening the hair by more than two shades. It’s called double process because it is actually a two step process. First the hair is bleached to remove your natural color, then toned to create the shade you’re going for. Like single process it is all over color, but it’s the only way for people with dark hair to achieve light shades.