Hair Color

From small changes to extreme makeovers, our colorists and stylists will give you the perfect look, both new and old. Our talented hair color experts combine the science of formulating a beautiful rich color with the creative process of strategically placing highlights, lowlights or multiple tones with the latest techniques such as Balayage, Ombre, and Moonstone.

Taking their inspiration from nature our stylists attend the latest training to keep up with the latest trends and styles in hair coloring techniques and methodologies.


Balayage is a French coloring technique that was developed in the 1970s in France. It’s a freehand technique where the color is applied by free hand painting rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results is in hair below the shoulders. We have perfected our skills to specialize in balayage highlights. This unique technique allows our stylists to showcase their way of creating highlights as natural as nature itself.

Single Process Color

Also commonly called “single-process hair color,” all-over color is a one-step process that involves coating the hair with a single shade. Within all-over/single process hair color, there are three levels: semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. As their names suggest, they vary in strength and in how long they last. Permanent color, obviously, lasts the longest. It’s also typically the only all-over color that is ammonia free.

Double Process Color

Double process color includes both highlights and your base hair color to create a natural, multi-dimensional effect allowing you to lighten your base color two or more shades. This process involves removing natural or colored hair pigments and then adding the new pigment to create the desired shade.

Full and Partial Foil

Illuminate your hair color and brighten up your face with full or partial highlights designed to give your hair a sun-kissed effect. Create visual interest and give your hair depth and dimension by adding lowlights from the color experts at Rapunzel’s Salon and Spa.

Corrective Color

At-home hair color experiment gone wrong? Received a color elsewhere with less than satisfactory results? Don’t worry, we will help you fix the problem and transition your color to a more professional, satisfying shade.

Hair Consultation Policy

As part of our focus to deliver world class services, Rapunzel’s Salon and Spa provides complimentary hair consultations for all Hair Styling, Coloring and Keratin Services.  You can always feel free to make an appointment to meet with one of our highly trained Stylist to discuss your hair and any question regarding your specific hair needs.  Client’s that have not had Color or Keratin services with a member of our staff with in 12 months are required to have a complimentary consultation with a member of our Stylist Team before booking these services.  This is to assure that we are able to meet your desired results and at a high level of satisfaction.  You may call our Front Desk staff or submit an online request to schedule your complimentary consultation at any time.