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$50.00 Tuesday’s are back for April!

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Back by popular demand $50.00 Tuesday’s are back!  For the month of April enjoy a One Hour Therapeutic Massage or European Facial for only $50.00.  This offer is valid only on Tuesday’s and only with the Service Providers that work Tuesday’s.  This offer is not valid with any other coupons or discounts and will not be extended to other days or providers.

Spots book up quickly so call now to hold your Tuesday! Also like us on Facebook for weekly last minute deals for weekends.


Valentine’s Gift Ideas and Ultimate Half Off Couples Deal

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It’s time to celebrate the love that’s all around you — be sure to purchase your sweetie a gift card from Rapunzel’s.

Escape with a Hour Therapeutic Massage and European Facial $109.00

Indulge your sweetie with the I love you package!  Hour therapeutic massage, European Facial, Deluxe Manicure and Deluxe Pedicure. $175.00 (3.5 hours of service)

De-stress with a Deluxe Manicure and Deluxe Pedicure $65.00

Aromatherapy Couples Massage with Scalp Treatment a total of 60 minutes of service for only $89.00 ( normal price $175.00).  This deal is sold as a gift card on-line or in salon.  This deal is valid from 2/24/2014 to 5/31/2014, after May 31st the purchase price you paid for this deal never expires.  This deal will be on sale from 1/24 to 2/10/2014.

To purchase any of these deals on-line click on the gift card tab then click on the word service or stop by the salon.





Rapunzel’s App!

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It is finally here!  Rapunzel’s has an App for your computer, tablets and mobile devices.  Stay connected with us all the time for last minute specials, scratch off bonus coupons weekly, making appointments, salon service menu, and other features!  http://www.1tap.mobi/rapunzels  Click the link to get started using our App today.


Holiday Hours of Operations

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Happy Holidays from Rapunzel’s Staff and Management!  Our hours of operation during the holidays will be as follows:

Monday 12/23/2013 10am to 2pm for Gift Cards Sales Only

Tuesday 12/24/2013  9am to 4pm limited salon and spa services

Wednesday 12/25 and Thursday 12/26 we will be CLOSED!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday open regular business hours.

Tuesday 12/31  9am to 4pm limited salon and spa services.

Wednesday 1/01/2014 we will be Closed!


Beauty treatments you should not attempt at home!

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Beauty treatments you should not attempt at home may be a mystery if you’re new to the whole DIY scene. While there are lots of things you can do at home all the time to save money, there are certain procedures that are better left to the pros!

Haircuts – Unless it’s a simple bang trim, you really risk messing up your hair. No matter how tiny of a snip or how careful you think you are being, if you’re not trained then JUST DON’T.

Hair Coloring – Now I know that lots of women probably used boxed hair dye to color their own hair. While it may work for some, the honest truth is that you are doing damage to your hair. Boxed hair dye has harmful chemicals in it and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can mess up your hair pretty badly. And while you may think you look great, on average only about 30% of women who dye their own hair actually come away looking natural and fabulous.

Brow Waxing – Brows are very easy to mess up, and not only that but if you over-pluck or over-wax, then you run the risk of having bald spots for a long time since brows don’t grow as fast as regular hair does.

Chemical Hair Treatments – Are you looking to chemically relax or straighten your hair? How about a perm? Any type of hair treatment that requires chemicals is better left to a trained stylist who knows what she is doing. Even though they make at-home kits for just about any treatment you can think of, you’re more likely to badly damage your hair, or come away looking more like Medusa and less like a beauty queen!

Trying these items at home to save money may end up costing you more money to get things fixed at the salon.  So leave it to the pros!







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Join us for Bike Night on September 7th at our tent in town for Locks of Love Donations.  If you would like to donate your hair it must be 10 inches long and not bleached! All hair donations include a free haircut and style.  If you are unable to attend that evening we will continue our donations in the salon until September 15th.  We are also accepting monitory donations to support Locks of Love!  We will be cutting hair from 5pm till dusk that evening, then we will be handing out coupons to come to the salon to donate  the week of September 10th thru 15th during regular business hours.


Makeup tips by Keri

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Alright ladies, let’s talk beauty. Chances are you’re going to wear some sort of makeup out today; the question now is, what look are you going for? There are ton of different options out there! So many, in fact, that the beauty choices can be almost overwhelming. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the very best makeup looks of 2013. We’ve divided the options into natural, bold eyes, bold lips and thick brows.

bridal-makeup-natural bridal-makeup-smokeyey bridal-makeup-1boldlip 2_sculpted-eyebrows

So what do you think? Will you rock a natural look, bold eyes, or bold lips? Or…will you be extra-bold and highlight your eyes and lips? Personally, I’m dying to go out and buy myself some new hot-pink lipstick to try and pull off an Emma Stone…. we’ll see how it works out!

Paraffin wax osteoarthritis

Paraffin Wax for Osteoarthritis

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Did you know that adding a paraffin wax treatment to your next pedicure or manicure can help with osteoarthritis? It’s true! The paraffin wax acts as a moist heat to your hands and/or feet and helps to ease the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis. Paraffin especially helps to decrease pain and loosen up your hand and finger joints before exercise.

At Rapunzel’s you can simply get a hand and foot paraffin treatment or add it to your next manicure and pedicure! Book online or call us today at 215.368.7061


Men’s cuts! Getting the style you want!

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Visiting a proper salon gives you the best chance to get the exact cut that you’re looking for and one that is tailored just for you. Trained styles pay extra attention to the details, including facial features, the texture of their client’s hair and their client’s head shape. It’s the fine detailing and added texture of a good men’s haircut that makes it worth the few extra money spent.

With the extra attention to detail, your new haircut will be tailored specifically for you. No need for multiple products and extra time in front of the mirror in the morning.   A well-tailored haircut will last much longer, as it grows out nicer and has added texture that cannot be achieved by a clipper cut.

Salon Lansdale Hair Predictions

Rapunzel’s 2013 Hair Predictions

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Drama and Androgyny
Fashion hair for 2013 is believed to take a controlled polish look, as opposed to the “beach-y”, bed-head look.  Dramatic cuts, using techniques like undercutting and texturizing, will appear slicker with more shine. A kind of androgyny will be popular for women (check out Miley’s new do).

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